There's nothing quite like going to see a live band sometimes. Whether it's to check out someone new or to see an old favorite, live music is undeniably a fun way to spend a night. I've had the pleasure of seeing pretty much every band I've ever wanted to see, from Weezer, to The Rolling Stones, to The Shins and to various DJs.
I have also worked on the crews that set up large arena shows, and have seen first hand how the massive sound systems are calibrated and set up for huge events. There's a lot of technology behind even a modestly sized show, but this brings me to my question: why the hell do 99% of live shows sound like absolute shit? And furthermore, why the hell are they so loud?
I've noticed a trend lately at clubs, small venues, and large arena shows; more and more people my age and younger (I'm 24) are bringing earplugs to concerts. Long ago when my mom and dad dragged me to a Sting show at Portland's basketball arena, I sort of laughed at them for putting in earplugs, but they obviously had good reason to. Since I really started paying attention however, I have noticed that lots of live concerts are simply too loud. There's no excuse for amplifiers clipping in a small venue, and I can't tell you how many times I've noticed the audio suffering because of too much volume.
Does it say something that young people are now bringing earplugs to concerts? It seems like in the past the mantra has been along the lines of "The louder the better", but are the producers of concerts getting out of control now? I have been to a couple of concerts that I've walked out of because it was too fucking painful to my ears, and I don't have the most sensitive hearing in the world. It's easy to say "Oh, you're just getting old and grumpy", but when the 19 year old in leather and spikes next to me at a punk show has foam earplugs in, I start to wonder.
Anyone else notice this?

Any help will be apprecited.

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